Air Regulators

Air Pressure regulation during the extrusion process is necessary to maintain the required tubing dimensions. By controlling the extrusion rate along with the internal air pressure of the tubing you can achieve the correct values for the outside diameter and wall thickness. By locating your air pressure regulator close to the DIE and injecting it into the DIE which flows through the center of the pin that makes up the inner part of the extrusion die, and then directly into the semi-fluid tubing as it is coming out of the die. Diameter variations are caused by the even the slightest pressure change during the extrusion of thin-walled products. Our regulators can control the pressure even when a cut is made or during spooling of the tubing. Medical tubing have gotten so small that it is very hard to see that it is a tube and not just a thread; or it can be multi-lumen with up to 29 lumens.

What sets us apart?

Our MicroAir Regulators and Controllers are the industry standard. The accuracy, stability and repeatability at the lowest pressures down to below 3” of water make our units the best for small diameter medical tubing. MicroAirs can respond instantly to changes in air flow to maintain the correct pressure for tube sizing. All units are built to order and have a 3-year warranty. Many MicroAirs are still in use for 15 – 20 years under constant usage. They never need calibration as the unit is factory set before shipping.

MicroAir units are sold worldwide from our Hudson, Massachusetts facility and can be purchased with your new extrusion line through Graham/AK Brand, Davis-Standard, Conair, RDN and Gimac.

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