MicroAir II

Pressure Regulation and Control: The MicroAir II accepts Air Up and Air Down contact closure inputs from a Diameter Gauge, or other controllers with up/down contact closures or logic outputs. Pressure is regulated by balancing against a low tension spring and by venting the surplus air. Two front panel buttons for manual control and the externally controlled inputs for auto control adjust the pressure set point by means of a small motor which adjusts the spring tension. The buttons are dual-speed. Indicators show Up, Down, and limit conditions. Zero to full Scale in approximately 2 minutes.

Air Input: The air inlet is connected to normal factory air which has been regulated down to approximately 50 psi.

Power: 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz
Dual selectable voltage input 110 or 220 volts

Range Available from 0-3” of water up to 0-5 psi. A range must be specified when ordering. Check out the Range Page.


  • Digital LED pressure readout for more precision and easier reading. It has better than a 0.1 inch of water resolution.
  • OUTPUT Options for closed-loop control:
    • Voltage Pressure output – can be 1-6, 0-5 or 0-10 VDC.
    • Current output – 4-20 ma output
  • Remote Control unit – A small (8” x 5” x 2”) ss box with standard 100 foot cable, with up/down control buttons and digital display. Remote requires 4-20 ma output option in MicroAir II to connect.

Available in single, dual and 3-channel units for multilumen tubing.

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