MicroAir IV

Ultra Low Pressure Air Controller with 0-10 volt input for controlling by PLC or other device and for high speed switching for bump/taper tubing.

Application: Designed for bump and taper tubing or connecting to a PLC controller, the MicroAir IV accepts a logic input to select one of two set points. With a zero to 10 VDC analog input to provide any pressure from near zero to full scale instantaneously. For bump or taper tubing this allows for a pressure to be switched quickly or varied in a controlled way. It can be connected to your PLC or any controller with the 0-10 volt input and with an added output option can have closed-loop control.

Operation: The MicroAir IV is connected to normal factory air. It then regulates to the pressure set by a 0 to 10 volt input, or to one of the two manually set pressures by expelling surplus air. A precision voice-coil linear motor (no spring) with viscostatic damping ensures optimum speed and stability.

Operational Modes:

  • Dual State mode – using logic signal to select which of two pressure set points is active. The Hi and Lo set points are adjusted with front panel knobs.
  • Linear mode – A zero to 10 volt input controls pressure and the adjustable set points are ignored.
  • Manual Setting: Set by turning the left side potentiometer only.

Performance: The MicroAir IV responds to a step of 50% of full scale in less than 0.1 second (typically 20 msec) and maintains an accurate pressure at flow rates between zero and a maximum SCFH depending on the full scale range.

Power: 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz
Dual selectable voltage input 110 or 220 volts


  • Digital LED pressure readout for more precision and easier reading. It has better than a 0.1 inch of water resolution.
  • OUTPUT Options for closed-loop control:
    • Voltage Pressure output – can be 1-6, 0-5 or 0-10 VDC.
    • Current output – 4-20 ma output

Range Available from 0-3” of water up to 0-5 psi. A range must be specified when ordering. Check out the Range Page.

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